What is Sunya?

Sunya is a non-profit organization that will work mainly for new earth development, such as 144 Education, and with consultancy for Love in societies, such as Intuitive Consultancy for education wanting to integrate meditation.

The organization has 4 main departments; 144 Education, Consultancy, Development, and Publishing, in addition to an Academy. Each department will offer services based on Sunya Economy that is inspired by the “Giving it forward” philosophy, where we value support with services, as well as with money.

In addition to having a new etheric foundation, Sunya also value the consciousness of mind, body, emotions and our spirit equally. A balanced approach towards life and personal growth , is what will connect us with new earth development and elevated state of the human consciousness.

Sunya Economy

New Earth Ascension

The New Earth Merkabah

“Sunya is founded on a new etheric gridline; The New Earth Merkabah, and values our destiny as the gateway to new earth, and also recognises that the “old merkabah” of the chakras should be reliesed”.

Living Destiny

The New Earth Journey begins with creating a life filled with purpose!

Living Destiny

Listen to "Living Destiny" in Sunya! The New Earth journey begins with breaking free from karma & creating a life filled with purpose!

Destiny Gathering

& New Earth Retreat

Be part of activating the NEW LIGHT grid on earth in the Destiny Gathering by Sunya! The co-creative Destiny Gathering will align us with mother earth’s crystalline grid, as well as with the NEW LIGHT THE NORTHERN STAR. ‘We will also share our new earth visions, and connect with destiny! There are 4 main things for us to do when we get together for the DESTINY GATHERING; Connect with the Temple of Love (raise the vibration of the human consciousness) – Activate the new lightgrid on earth (the Northern Star) – Connect with Earth’s crystalline grid (the 144) – Share our visions. The New Earth Retreat is an introduction to New Earth, Ascension, The New Earth Merkabah, New education, and the New Generation!

The New Earth Series (1-9) from Sunya Publishing will be available in the Gathering & Retreat.

Would you like to co-create a Gathering & Retreat near you? Mt. Shasta is calling!