144 Education

Enlightened education for our new earth

144 Enlightened Education is new earth education, homeschooling, and parenting for the new generation! The overall vision is to co-create a new educational model for our new earth. 144 Education will create room for wisdom to unfold, and the opportunity for teaching & learning from a higher state of consciousness.

The 144 Ascension portals are forming the first grid-line for new earth manifestation, and are listed in the book: 144 The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation.

144 Homeschooling

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What is 144 Education?

144 Education is the vision of a new educational model for New Earth.

Students in 144 Education will be respected for their inherited talents and wisdom, and encouraged to explore a broad range of subjects related to that, such as arts, science, languages, sports and meditation that will support their journey in new earth.

Teachers will be trained in the overall pedagogic framework of 144 – Pedagogic Meditation (Pm). They will encourage students to merge knowledge with wisdom, from a place of self-empowerment, and an intuitive understanding of their life’s purpose.


What is 144 Homeschooling?

The 144 Homeschooling program will give freedom for the New Generation!

The program includes; Individual Guidance, 144 The Blueprint of education for the new generation (the book), and the 144 Curricula.

The curricula will give you inspiration and a solid foundation on how you can homeschool children & youth of all ages.

The program will be available in October 2019.


What is the 144 Youth Program?

144 creates Individual Youth Programs for children and youth attending education.

The plan includes Individualized Meditation Training, for harmony and concentration, as well as intuitive parental guidance for supporting youth thriving in education!

The plan is suitable for children and youth of all ages. Contact for your Individual plan!


What is 144 Pedagogy?

The pedagogy was developed over a period when Linn Angell worked as a teacher in the state school system and saw the need for a more soul- full approach to teaching & learning. The vision of New Earth pedagogy is channeled, and also experienced in real life by Linn Angell & others!

S.A.F.E stands for Spiritual, Academic, Physical & Emotional balance & harmony. The intention for 144 Education is to value and respect each aspect of us that makes us human. In order to do so, Linn Angell developed a simple methodolgy that will ensure that children & youth not only learn from mind, but also focuses upon compassion in the classroom.

The overall vision for implementing the pedagogic methods in a new earth educational system, is to simply allow teachers & students to be connected with who they are, by focusing upon self-love, as well as valuing teaching & learning from a higher state of consciousness – for improved learning & happiness!

“Pedagogic Meditation is higher consciouss teaching for improved learning and heart-centered education, By using all senses in the educational environment, students will improve concentration and focus upon compassionate living”.

Linn Angell, 144