Sunya Academy

Supporting wayshowers towards their destiny!

Sunya Academy is created for supporting Light workers on their journey of manifesting their visions and life’s purpose in the new consciousness. The Academy is founded on the vision of Sunya Economy, and members in Sunya can benefit from the philosophy.

All programs will give you transformative meditations and activations for shifting away from the chakras (karma) and into the New Earth Merkabah (destiny).  

You can participate in the Wayshower Program after attending the Destiny Gathering & Retreat by Sunya!

Destiny Gathering & Retreat

Connect with Destiny

Be part of activating the NEW LIGHT grid on earth in the Destiny Gathering by Sunya! The co-creative Destiny Gathering & Retreat will give us new wisdom, as we share our new earth visions, and align us with Earth, as we co-create the Temple of Love. Would you like to co-create a Gathering near you? Mt. Shasta is calling for Sunya, let us know if you are interested in co-creating!



Manifest your life’s purpose in New Earth

In the Wayshower program, you can connect with your life’s purpose & develop your wisdom for new earth! In the 8 month program (online & in-person), you will connect with who you are, integrate new earth energy, activate the ascension keys, shift into self-love and find your life’s purpose. You will be able to choose between four pathways; the Coaching path, Consultancy path, New Earth path, or the Publishing path.


Online course – for breaking free! Coming 09.09.2019!

“OUR SOUL IS OUR GURU” is Linn’s new book & online program, about awakening into new earth. She will share her life journey since awakening the vision of 144 & support your journey of awakening into New Earth!

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