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About Linn Angell

Linn is a trained teacher and shamanic practitioner. Her academic qualification ranges from Social Anthropology/Psychology (BA), and a degree in teaching Norwegian & English as a foreign language (BA), in addition to further study in “higher consciouss teaching & learning for youth, a MA program that she ended when her vision of 144 was “born” in 2012.

Linn has worked as a professional teacher for adults and youth, and have several years of experience in consultancy & career consultancy for private and state companies in Norway. She also has experience in the field of integration, and as an academic advisor for programs teaching Norwegian to refugees. She has worked as a Shamanic Soul Coach since 2010. Linn has since 2012 worked with the collective shift, and wrote all of her books and developed a framework for education and pedagogy for the New Generation in New Earth. Her journey is further described in her new book:  “Our Soul is our Guru”. 

Linn’s new book

“OUR SOUL IS OUR GURU” is Linn’s new book, about awakening into new earth – her life journey since awakening the vision of 144. In her online course with the same name, she will encourage your awakening into new earth also!


Breaking free – The movie

Linn is making a movie for and about the New Generation – about success stories from breaking free from the current structures of the society.

Funding Campaign

Meet Linn Angell

Current updates of Linn Angells work – follow her journey in “Livng Destiny”, or listen to her radio show in LA Talk radio “Love in Education”, or invite Linn as a speaker to your event, or host a “Destiny Gathering” in your aerea.

Destiny Gathering

Linn Angell in Media

Interview with Lilou Mace (2012).
Interview with Medium magazine (2011), in Norwegian.

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Linn Angell Experience

Previous experience & feedback

"Linn Kristin works with the new earth energies. Her neutrality and sincere presence has opened several doors for me. Her ability of reliesing energetic blockages and "old" karmic agreements, has cleared my present and future path. She's excellent in what she does".

Annett Sturk • Motivational speaker

"Since I connected with Linn in 2010, we've had several insightfull conversations. Linn has a strong gift. The answers and advice I receive from Linn can reach far out from my expectations and even understanding at the time. However, she triggers deep insights, and when the understanding comes to me after our conversations, everything falls into place. Linn is an incredibly gifted shamanic coach, and I highly recomend her. She has the ability to "see" what no one else sees, and she has meant a whole lot for me and my development the last 10 years".

Torger Hoel • Nordic Healing

“Wow Linn you know at first I did not understand why half of the book pages were Notes pages. My old way of thinking was assuming that they were “fillers” and that I had gotten ripped off but I kept an open mind. I’m only a few minutes into this video and I am humbled by what you said about the book, that I am a COCREATOR of this book through my journey. I am brought to tears with understanding and gratefulness. Truly beautiful”

Chelsea - USA, Participant in the Indigo Coach Youth Program