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Giving it forward with Love in Education

Consultancy plans for education wanting to implement the practice of Intuitive Academic Meditation is available!

The individual consultancy plan will give your educational institution tools & guidance on how meditation and intuition can easily be practiced in an educational environment.

The intuitive consultancy plan will encourage all organizations to practice the power of Intuitive Meditation 3-7 minutes each day, for focus and a more compassionate environment.


The modality was developed by Linn Angell after seeing how teachers & students struggle with stress & burnout, and understanding how meditation and energy awareness could support people in the educational environment, Linn developed intuitive tools for the practice of Intuitive Academic Meditation.

The modality is unique, and one of a kind, as you will rely on your intuition & love for finding your unique meditation practice in the classroom!

How will Sunya Give it forward?

Sunya Consultancy will Give it forward in many ways!

* Intuitive Consultancy; for academic institutions wanting to implement meditation for improved learning & compassion in education!

* Public Speaking; how to elevate education to enlightenment!

* LA Talk Radio; Inspiration & discussing different pedagogical & intuitive tools for Love in Education!

Love in Education!

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Intuitive Academic Meditation will bring you right back to your “center”, so you can stay focused and present in the moment of teaching & learning. The modality is unique in the way that you will relay on your own intuition on how to practice meditation, rather than following structure & guidelines that may not be benefitial.

The consultancy program is currently available in-person, however, an online program is under constuction! After the workshop, you will receive consultancy & guidance, both in-person and by Skype.

The practice of meditation will benefit your health on so many levels! Intuitive Active Meditation is learning the wisdom behind “the present of now”, self-awareness and self-love – it’s all about finding the meditation technique that works for you!