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The Wisdom Chamber for our New Earth

The books from Sunya Publishing are created as manuals, in order to give the reader an opportunity to co-create collective wisdom with their own innate wisdom of Soul. Each book contains images & words of awakened wisdom, as well as additional pages for your awakened wisdom.

Sunya Publishing practices Sunya Economy, which means that you can receive the books based on service/wisdom exchange, in addition to payment with money.

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Ascension Meditations

Spirituality in the New Earth Merkabah – Available from Youtube



The book will give you insights into “the etheric map” of earth’s divine design, beyond karma, and also support your journey of awakening your divine design, by meditating upon the words and symbols provided in the book/manual.

The book lays the foundation for the Destiny Gathering & Destiny Workshop by Sunya.



The book will give you insights to the 144 & The 7 dimensions of heaven, into our New Earth Merkabah, the energy grid that needs to be awakened within us, and around us, in order to co-create our new earth.

The book/manual holds the keys for Self- Love & ascension, and lays the foundation for the Wayshower Program in Sunya Academy.


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Join the Authorship Program

The Authorship program is available for anyone ready to co-create divine wisdom with their life’s purpose! The program is part of the Wayshower program by Sunya. The Authosrship program will support you in awakening collective wisdom for our new earth!

“SunyaPublishing values the wisdom of Soul, by encouraging the reader to co-create with mind and heart”.

The Vision, Sunya