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Our New World

Learn how you can be part of our evolving new world...

Welcome to

Sunya Ngo

Sunya NGO is a non-profit organization founded in Oslo, Norway. The organization is founded on the blueprints of Linn Angell to create our new world and more loving societies for the new generation.


100 % of the income from all educational programs goes directly to Sunya fund that will manifest 144 Education, new world institutions, and contents for Sunya Academy & Tribe, and for the 144 app.

What is Sunya NGO?

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Sunya NGO

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 Consultancy &


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Publishing &


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Support Linn Angell and the 144 Movie! You will be part of the (r) evolution of LOVE in education!

App & community available now!

Free Community App for I AM -
Intuitive Active

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The I AM Community is for the new generation of teachers, educators, and students. Join the community and find inspiration for Love in Education! Intuitive Active Meditations (I AM) are created to give you peace and balance in your spiritual, emotional, mind, and physical reality. In balance, you can live a life in harmony and authenticity with who you are. The I AM App is a creation of Sunya Ngo and inspired by the giving it forward philosophy. Give a donation of your choice for your participation in the Love in Education movement.

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Welcome to Sunya Tribe! Social Community Platform for the new earth community. Inspiration based on giving it forward and mentorship in Sunya Academy, the premium version of the platform is based on Sustainable Economy. Learn how our new earth begins with the new generation and with 144 Education in Sunya. Create a social profile and connect with others here. Sunya practices the Sustainable Economy System, and values service exchange as well as money. Find wisdom about the etheric grounding foundations for our new earth lives and creations. Step into the Sunya Merkabah – within you are free!

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Instagram (Linn Angell)

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