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144 The Vision

& Experience


The vision of 144 Education and homeschooling is a vision of creating a world-wide community for homeschoolers, and creating a new educational model for the New Generation.

Even though 144 is based on a spiritual vision "channeling", the 144 Educational systems recognize a balanced approach in education, where teaching and learning from soul is the essence.

A New Pedagogic Modality

Pedagogic Meditation (Pm) is a soul and research-based modality that will be used in 144. You can participate in the program in Sunya Academy. 144 Education recognizes that we need to educate our children to achieve great academic results, however, also to recognize their spiritual and emotional reality in education. At last, 144 education will strive to keep the new generation grounded in physical exercise. Recognizing that we are "more" than our mind, and allowing children to be who they are, is the grounding foundation for the entire system. If you want to be part of co-creating 144, you need to participate in Sunya Entrepreneurship program first.​​

The New Generation

The New Generation is a terminology for the new generation of children on the planet now. So many are searching for an education and later careers that nurtures their soul, love, and "whole being". Therefore, sunya will strive to educate teachers, instructors, coaches, and consultants that carry the "same vibration" as the new Generation. This new vibration is the Northern Star. This is equally important as it is to teach the New Generation (children and adults) knowledge about the world. 

The New Generation

Listen to the interview with Lilou Mace ( This is a great way to learn more about the 144 vision.

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