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My name is Linn Angell and I am the founder of and CEO in Sunya Ngo. I am a professional High-school Teacher & Clairvoyant Healer. My mission is to support the New Generation towards oneness, love, and freedom, for our evolving new world. I currently offer; Speaking, Coaching, Consultancy, and Advicory for

Sunya Ngo. Scroll down to see my previous experiences. My complete CV is on LinkedIn.

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My Story

I am an ordinary human being with extraordinary human experiences which led me on the path of Sunya.

I have since childhood had visions of new education. Ever since I was four years old and went to kindergarten, I remember thinking that “they did it all wrong”. I wanted more colors, more music, and more freedom! As I grew up, I had a natural connection to what we refer to as God/Soul. I always felt protected, and somehow, I knew that everything would be okay even though I experienced fear and difficulties at times.

When I was 12 years old, I was standing outside of the school building, hesitating to go in because I was late. I did not like school very much, as I was incredibly bored. As I was standing there, feeling quite upset, I suddenly felt this warmth all over my body. I saw a yellow light and a voice spoke to me and said: “you have to go in and observe, because one day, you will change it all”. I was puzzled and even though I could not comprehend what just happened to me, I knew on a deeper level that this was the voice of Soul. It felt like an inner calling. The strangest part is that from this day on, at the age of 12, I sometimes felt like an observer in my own life. I accepted my destiny somehow and grew up with the feeling that I would “change education”.

My childhood visions came back to me when I was training to become a professional teacher in 2006. In the classroom and in conferences, I began to channel and have visions about the new paradigm of education where we must educate the new generation from the power of our soul. Our soul is more than our mind. We are also our emotions, our spirit, and our body, and I came to understand that the new paradigm of education has to evolve around our "whole human being", and if we continue to separate our body, emotions, and spirit from our mind, we are inclined to raise a new generation that do not know themselves or their own power of love. Instead, we need to implement the educational structure of 144 to give the new generation a place to awaken into who they are, a place where love and compassion overrules the ego.

In 2012 I had several experiences of "instant awakenings" and I spent 8 months channeling and awakening 9 blueprints for our new world: "The New World Series 1-9". These books contain wisdom and are new world manuals for Sunya Ngo Advisors, and all other work by Sunya; the content, courses and manuals are excerpts from those blueprints. for me to write these blueprints, I had to "live my calling" and for these 8 months I was separate from all structures, physically & energetically, so I could find the wisdom beyond our current physical creations and etheric energy on earth. This mean that I was without a home, job, and interactions. For the years to come; I realized that these blueprints were "Maps" and that my job was to "embody" and to live its wisdom, as well as to bring it out to the world. This is how I awakened wisdom not only for 144 education, but also for our evolving new world and about the New Generation.

Why do we need a new educational model? The answer is that we need a balanced approach towards understanding children’s reality, as they experience reality with both mind and heart. Therefore, we also need to be more focused upon love in our educational structures. What more can we wish for than catering for a new generation practicing compassion as well as having a bright mind? Are we ready to put peace into a structure…? The choices we make now, will determine the destiny for the new generation to come.

My inspiration for doing this work is all the children that are waiting for change to come. I hope to inspire everyone to reach their full potential and to connect with the source of love and wisdom coming from within. Each one of us is equally important in the co-creation of new Earth and new Earth education. I believe that a collective intention for creating from love exist in Heaven. The question is - do we trust heaven on earth?


I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let us connect.

+47 97891927 (Whattsapp)


we've experienced Pm  (2011)

We experienced the benefits of implementng some of the tools of Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), in a childcare center in Oslo.

Some of the higher consciouss tools involved; vizualization & compassion in practice.

Pedagogic Meditation (Pm) is the overall pedagogical framework for 144 Education.

The higher conscioss methodology is channeled from source & based on scientific reaserch - the best from both worlds!

My Experience & Media


the experience of Pm  (2011)

We have experienced the benefits of implementing some of the tools of Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), in a childcare center in Oslo.

The higher conscious tools involved visualization & compassion in practice. This pedagogic modality is now only available for 144 Homeschooling & 144 Education. 

The higher conscious methodology is channeled from source & based on scientific research from my MA studies at the University of Oslo - the best from both worlds!



We experienced the benefits of implementing S.A.F.E - Spiritual & Emotional training program, in the cultural institution, DNBS, in Oslo.

The tools that included energy work and meditation training for youth, was integrated and used by teens & teachers. This pedagogic modality is now only available for 144 Homeschooling & 144 Education.

The results were empowerment, peace & increased self-awareness!


interview with lilou mace

Interview with Lilou Mace, discussing the vision of 144 Education, for the New Generation!

More information about Lilou:


interview with MEDIUM MAGAZINE

Interview about Pedagogic Meditation (Pm) - Higher conscious teaching & learning, for the New Generation.

Download document here (in Norwegian), or from:

School Kids Meditating


interview with MEDIUM MAGAZINE

Interview about the Ascending with Nature Retreats, the New Light, and the journey of ascension for Earth & humanity.

Download document here (in Norwegian), or from

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: "Discussing relevant topics with guests, about how we can solve the challenges that the New Generation is experiencing in education today! Linn wants to create a bridge from Love between science, spirituality, and emotional & spiritual health, for finding solutions on how we can create more harmony, compassion, and Love in education!
Initially, this will create more peace in the classroom, and a learning environment where students can thrive".

View samples underneath from the show. 


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: "As a professional teacher and born clairvoyant, Linn wants to support the New Generation towards freedom! Freedom is about knowing who we are and our mission on Earth. Linn founded 144 education and Sunya Ngo to support people into their life's purpose"

Articles about education, homeschooling & the New Generation, is available from Thrive Global.

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we've experienced homeschooling!

Karen (my daughter) and I homeschooled for a period when she was in primary school & junior high.

Listen to our discussion/interview here, from 2016, when she was 12 years old. Karen explains the benefits of homeschooling! (In Norwegian).


supporting people towards freedom


In my coaching practice, I am guiding people from a place of freedom, simply allowing source love and wisdom to enter. 

I always knew that I was holding a new energy system (not chakras) and came to understand that this was the etheric field of the New Generation. I spent years transforming this collective energy and gained insights into how people can be free of the chakras and wake up to the new paradigm of spirituality, in the Sunya Merkabah. I have experienced that people feel karmic liberation during/after their sessions! 

I am not calling myself "a shaman", but I do know that I am doing shamanic work as a light warrior of the NEW LIGHT - The Northern Star.

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"Linn's ability to work on energetic blockages and old karma has given me an enormous insight in me and everything around me beyond what I expected and understood when I started working with her. More things are now falling into place without so much effort and struggle, and I am more at peace. I highly recommend Linn as an energy worker". 


"Since I connected with Linn in 2010, we ‘we had several insightful conversations. Linn has a strong gift. The answers and advice I receive from Linn can reach far out from my expectations and even understanding at the time. However, she triggers deep insights, and when the understanding comes to me after our conversations, everything falls into place. Linn is an incredibly gifted shamanic coach, and I highly recommend her. She has the ability to "see" what no one else sees, and she has meant a whole lot for me and my development the last 10 years".


"I took both the Indigo Coaching Youth and the Indigo Facilitator Program Courses, and they were really great. It is not the typical course where we just follow instructions, rather 80 % of the courses are inspired through activations and downloads to awake our own path and our own Indigo self that was repressed so we can in turn support the Indigo children without bringing our distortions into their world because those are healed during the activations. Linn's sessions are also a big help to clear or heal something that was left unseen and get us started on our path in supporting the little ones and their gifts that need to be nurtured. Thank you for these great courses!"


"I have followed Linn Kristin for years now, and truly see her as an educational visionary. She always supported me and my family through transitions in life changes and has been a profound help to support my kids needs in being the New generation. I lately followed her latest training "the Rose Activation Program". I love being grounded into my motherhood and to feel empowered as a woman. This program supported me to raise more magic, harmony, and sacredness into my home, into my heart, and within each one of my family members".


"My coaching experience with Linn Angell was felt deeply and filled with love. I experienced to connect with underlaying patterns (and clearing of) limitations in my own life. I  thoroughly recommend Linn as an energy worker, with her direct and powerful approach. At the same time, she's humble and grounded in her way of working".


"Dear Linn. Thank you from my heart for wonderful coaching yesterday. My energy is sealed with love, and that gives me strenght and power. The Rose Coaching Session resulted in two wonderful conversations with my husband. It was a relief to work on something so dark and to bring it into the light during the session. Not many people are able to support that way, like you did.

Thank you so much".


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