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144 Education

The vision of 144 Education, is to co-create a new educational model for youth, where we practice a new pedagogical model; Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), and where we bridge mind & heart in education.

The New Generation are incarnated souls on Earth that are here to bring forward new wisdom for our new earth, and 144 will give them the education that they need.


144 in Media
Linn's previous experience & media cover of 144 Education & Pedagocic Meditation (Pm), can be found on here >

144 Education
Get involved in 144 Education...? Join the Wayshower program and develop your wisdom for 144 & New Earth. You can also become a 144 Teacher in the program!


The 144 Ascension portals are listed in the book: "144 The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation . Heaven on Earth". These portals are forming the first grid-line for new earth manifestation. 

144 Hoomeschooling

The 144 Homeschooling program will give support to parents and students that are homeschooled. You will receive individual guidance & 28 Meditations (one for each day of the month!) so you can shift into Love in Education". Each one of the meditations will clear blockages connected with current collective education, so you can be free in your homeschooling experience!

What is 144 Homeschooling? 
Freedom. Every child is unique & individual, and when homeschooling, children will lead the way!

You can follow Linn Angell's journey with homeschooling & living as a starseed in her blog "Simply Living".


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