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Linn Angell is a natural born clairvoyant, a messenger of the divine, and also a professional trained High- School Teacher & Anthropologist. She's a mother of two teenagers, homeschooling one of them. She's looking to expand her vision of 144 in the US.

Her professional career ranges from academic advisor, teaching from kindergarten level to college level, and consultancy for refugees. In addition, her experience as a spiritual teacher began in 2010, when she held Angel workshops locally in Norway.

In 2010 she began her spiritual career, whilst training 1 to 1 with Earth herself. She discovered that she was holding the vibration of the New Generation!

Linn is dedicated on her mission, and spent the last 7 years channeling divine wisdom as a messenger for our New Earth. She's also holding a strong vision of transforming the collective, beginning with teaching education, about LOVE!

"There's a New Generation of incarnated Soul's on Earth. They are here to shift institutions into Love, and to co-create our New Earth from their divine wisdom within. We need to create a new educational model for these children and educate their parents on how to best support these children in how they can fulfill their destiny.


The teachers of our new time are the most important tools for divine change, as they create the bridge from soul's wisdom to action, and the path from love to manifestation for the New Generation. In one moment, our world can change, simply by allowing the path of Love to unfold, and the wisdom of our New Earth to be created with Love.

Our unique New Earth educational model of 144 will support our children with higher conscious achievements in teaching & learning, where their Soul is nurtured; spiritually and emotionally, as well as academically and physically. 144 Education will be created on the 144 ascension portals,

the gateway for creating Heaven on Earth.

Our New Earth is created from the oneness of our Soul, in the new Earth Merkabah, and with focus upon collective co-creation form Love. With the New Earth fund, we can co-create our New Earth with the Sustainable Economy System; co-creation, wisdom, giving it forward to someone else, or with money".

-The Message

My Vision

Co-create our New Earth, beginning with 144 Education" - Linn Angell


My Story

"7 years of finding heaven" - My journey of finding heaven, for the last 7 years, since 21.12.12.

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