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Book a Sunya Call: Booking is free and for everyone who wants to connect with Linn Angell and Sunya. Sunya offers individual educational programs. Boo your program today in the sunya call.

For individuals: Sunya Ngo offers Sunya Coaching as part of the unique programs in Sunya Academy and Sunya Tribe. Join the Sunya Entrepreneurship program and find your purpose, passion, soul freedom, and work for our evolving new world. Booking directly in the app or academy platform for members. If you do not want to join Sunya Academy, you can book and purchase your individual Sunya Sessions here. 

For groups (or in some cases an individual): If you are a group of people that are thinking of starting a sustainable community or educational institution for our new earth, then do not hesitate and get a quote for Sunya Advisory.

For leadership/management in education: If you own or run an educational institution and would like to book a training program for your employees to teach meditation to their students and to form teacher meditation groups, please connect with Sunya Ngo and discuss Intuitive Consultancy plans for your educational institution. You can book the plan here on agreement.

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Sunya NGO offers advisory & consultancy for our evolving new world. Get a quote for Sunya franchise.
​Connect here or book a Sunya Call.

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