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Non-profit organization for New Earth development & Projects from Love!
144 Education & The Project Love in Education

Sunya Ngo

The overall vision for Sunya Ngo is to co-create New Earth Ngo's & institutions, beginning with 144 Education, Sustainable communities & Projects from Love.

The Project "Love in Education" will adress challenges that youth of today are faced with in education & give solutions and inspiration on how to solve them.

144 Education is the Blueprint of education for the New Generation, and will give space to the New Generation for their wisdom to unfold! 144 Education will integrate a new pedagogical model "Pedagogic Meditation (Pm). 144 also offers homeschooling inspiration.

Sunya will implement Sunya Economy in all services & programs! You can support development & projects by giving to the Sunya fund.

Love in Education
-The project

Linn Angell wants to co-create a movie, blog and the podcast “Love in Education” for and with the New Generation; about finding new ways in education on how we can solve the challenges the New Generation are faced with, such as stress, adhd/add/medication, motivation/life’s purpose, and food/nutrition/health.


Are we creating education that are supressing youth, their inner strenght and love, rather than creating a platform where youth can thrive?

Listen to the podcast in LA Talk Radio here > 


Linn will also Give it forward with a workshop for teachers and free meditation training for youth, when Sunya receives donations! Learn more:

144 New Earth Education

- development

The vision of 144 Education, is to co-create a new educational model for youth, where we practice a new pedagogical model; Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), and where we bridge mind & heart in education.

The New Generation are incarnated souls on Earth that are here to bring forward new wisdom for our new earth, and 144 will give them the education that they need.


144 in Media
Linn's previous experience & media cover of 144 Education & Pedagocic Meditation (Pm), can be found on here >

144 Education
Get involved in 144 Education...? Join the Wayshower program and develop the 144 org or become a 144 Teacher. 


The 144 Ascension portals are listed in the book: "144 The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation . Heaven on Earth". These portals are forming the first grid-line for new earth manifestation. 

Learn more about recent updates from

Sunya Economy
- Sustainable Economy

Sunya Economy is sustainable in the way that everyone can participate in the New Earth creation, by Giving & Receiving services, wisdom, money, and practicing the Giving it forward philosophy!


In time, other instructors will also practice Sustainable Economy, when offering services on this platform.


Support Sunya & Linn, by donating, Giving it foward, offering services, or support in any other way!

Donate to Sunya fund through Paypal. 

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