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Sunya is a non-profit organization & (in time) Association that will when it is time, support projects & development of our new earth, such as 144 Education & and Sustainable Communities from Love.

Sunya will in time have advicors for New Earth development, and an Association for

New Earth Co- Creators.


With the New Earth fund, we can co-create our New Earth with the Sustainable Economy System; co-creation, wisdom, giving it forward to someone else, or with money.

All the services from Sunya are available based on the Sustainable Economy System, and all services, such as books, online courses and events, will go back to Sunya!

The New Generation - The Movie will be created by Sunya, a documentary for and about education and the New Generation. Contact for details.

This fund is already created and filled with wisdom! Linn Angell spent 7 years downloading wisdom for our New Earth. Sunya is now searching for co-creation, (also wisdom!), givers & receivers, and financial support for the fund the be complete.

Sunya will assist a new beginning on Earth from Love.


Sunya Destiny Gathering

Connect with Destiny

1 day Gathering: Learn about Earth's Divine Design, and connect with the New Light - The Northern Star! Share your visions also & activate your divine design in a guided meditation.

Inspired by the book: "Earth's Divine Design".

Available upon request. Sustainable Economy.

Sunya Wayshower Path

Live your destiny

4 Month Wayshower Path;

Manifest your life's purpose

in Sunya, by first shifting into the New light - The Northern Star, then finding and manifesting your life's purpose for New Earth.

After this, you can be part of developing institutions and projects for our New Earth, as well as content for Sunya.

Available upon request. Sustainable Economy.

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Destiny Meditations 

Sunya Ngo & Association

- Connecting people with destiny!



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