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We all have different and unique resources for co-creating the FREE World! Sunya operates with the Sustainable Economy system, whic means that we are holding space for Love as we echange & trade with services, wisdom-exchange, money, Giving it forward, and co-creation.


The beginning of the organization is the Love Tour 2020/2021! All support given by Sunya, is given freely for Earth and humanity!

Funding received by the Sunya, goes towards the development of Free World institutions (such as 144 Education & Sustainable Communities), and towards projects.

We can create the FREE world with a FREE flow of resources.

YOU can be part of the co-creation!



Co-create your wisdom for manifestation
in Sunya!

First step: host/co-create a Sunya Destiny Gathering.


Support the beginning.... The Love Tour 2020/2021 & receive Love for Earth!

Learn more how to support the Tour, Movie & Book. Check the Sunya fund.

Give it forward

Do you have a calling for the FREE World? Let us now how you can contribute in your own way. 


Support the beginning.... The New Generation Tour 2020/2021

Learn more how to support the Tour, Movie & Book.


Sunya welcomes serious investors and sponsors! Contact for more details.

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