Founders Note

There's a New Generation (7777) of incarnated souls on earth with divine wisdom within. They will be able to shift institutions to love as they co-create our Free World. New educational models for these children and new models for their parents on how to support these children reaching their destiny, is required.

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Linn Angell is part of the New Generation, holding a new vibration (the new earth merkabah, as described in 144 The Gateway, as the shift away from karma and the chakra system), new wisdom, and the ascension keys for our new earth. Since her awakening, she has been dedicated in her mission of creating our New Earth, firstly by offering support through channeling wisdom from source, which has resulted in the new earth series of books, public speaking, gatherings, self- empowerment programs, development programs and consultancy.


Linn is a classicly trained High- school teacher and also holds a BA in Social Anthropology and Psychology from the Norwegian university of Science and technology (NTNU) & Flinders University (Australia), and completed a 6 month research program program at the university of Oslo, as part of her MA, where she studied Dr. Lazanow and higher consciouss teaching & learning for youth. 

Linn has taught professionally from kindergarten to college level, and her professional corporate consultancy career included career advising, second language learning programs, and academic advisory for refugee integration programs in Norway.

Linn's professional consultancy career also includes consultancy for bringing awareness, compassion, and meditation in education, which later braught her to develop S.A.F.E (spiritual & emotional training for youth) & Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), both of them are now developed as modules for the overall pedagogical framework for 144 Education.

In 2010, she began her spiritual teachins at"Ascending with Nature Retreats" in Norway. In 2012, the vision of 144 was initiated. Along her spiritual evolutionary path, she has discovered that she is holding a new vibration, leaving her on a path as a guide for those looking to move beyond karma, and shifting into their destiny.

Her insights and work have been transcribed into the New Earth series and various manuals for education and Ascension, creating an overall framework for New Earth manifestation.

On her journey from 21.12.12 - 21.12.19, she discovered the Wheel of destiny, and found her way out of the web of karma! She discovered the controll systems, also of the chakras, and decided to create an NGO (non governmental organization) that will work towards a Free World! Ensuring energetic/spiritual freedom, freedom to be who we are, and of what we are here to create.

Welcome destiny!

My Vision

"Co-create our New Earth, beginning with 144 Education"

"God" is Our Soul!


My Story

"Our Soul is collective, only in oneness can we be complete. In that presence, it’s impossible to follow fear and to manifest fear, as we are already complete. The beauty of life will embrace us with Love, abundance and inspiration, for manifesting our purpose on Earth".

Linn's journey is briefly described in the book. The book will be completed with the voices of the New Generation!

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