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I grew up in Norway, and experienced a variety of different schooling system as a child, amongst others, the Waldorf School system.


I was always clairvoyant. I remember angelic encounters since I was a child, and when I was 12 years old. I had an awakening experience. This was a difficult time for me, and I wasn’t too happy about school either. As I was standing outside of my school building, hesitating to go inside because I was late, I suddenly saw a white light surrounding me, and a voice spoke to me saying: “Go inside, observe. Because one day you will change it all”. I wasn’t particularly religious, but I remember thinking; “This must be God”.​

I had another awakening experience in 2017, when I was a student in Australia. At that time, I almost “forgot” about my childhood experiences and visions and didn’t practice my clairvoyance at all. I lived with my then husband and two children and focused upon living “a normal family life”. One day I had a dream about an aboriginal lady, who told me to “get healing” before it was “too late”. The dream was so strong, that I decided to look for a healing center nearby in Adelaide where I was living. I then found a center, booked an appointment and went inside. To my amazement, I saw similarities between the healer I met and the woman in the dream. I learned that the healer’s ancestor line was of Aboriginal heritance. During our session, Archangel Michael appeared in front of me, and a could feel a deep calling towards my life's purpose. 

I slowly began recognizing the guidance of my soul, and my life changed. I got divorced and started a new university degree as a high-school teacher. In 2011, I began developing a new pedagogical model that I in 2012 learned would be the pedagogical training method for teachers in 144 Education. The vision of 144 Education was so strong, and it was the first book that I channeled and awakened for our New Earth. 


I believe that a balanced approach is necessary for New Earth creation, which means that I do recognise our spiritual reality equally as our emotions, mind & body.

These aspects of us needs to be in balance for awakening Soul. In oneness, I believe that we are sharing our Soul. This lays the foundation for the manual, online activations and upcoming podcast "Our Soul is Our Guru".


My work is non-religious and non-spiritual in the "old paradigm" of the chakras - I'm here to support the shift into destiny, and our destiny is called LOVE!

All of the transcribed material for our New Earth, Ascension, Education, and the New Generation will be available in Gatherings by Sunya.

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