Love in Education

With the project "Love in education" - Linn Angell will address the different challenges in education & how to find ways to solve them from Love!

Love in Education - Inspire for change! 
The Project

It's time we unite for change in education for individual freedom! Linn Angell wants to create a movie; "Breaking Free - Beyond the label" & offer intuitive consultancy, as part of the project Love in Education! 

In addition, Linn will share her journey of "Love in Education", by connecting with educators & parents in the Podcast in LA Talk Radio)  & the Video Blog inYoutube.

The Movie; 
Beyond the label -Breaking FREE!

During Linn’s experience as a teacher, she has vitnessed that students become co-dependent in current education,  which lead her to question if youth of today are supressed from thriving in ther own unique way in education…? Also, a great challenge is medication in education, and Linn wants to address the challenges related to that.

The Movie will document real life stories of youth in education, in these countries; Norway, US, Canada, and New Zealand. The intention is to document the voices of students, and some teachers & parents, on how education has shaped the lives of youth with a label, such as add/adhd, autism and mental health issues.


The movie will be a documentary and will (if funding is sufficient), be reliesed November 2020.

Blog & Podcast

Love in Education - Discussing relevant topics with guests, about how we can solve the challenges that the New Generation is experiencing in education today!

Linn wants to create a bridge from Love between science, spirituality, and emotional & physical health, for finding solutions on how we can create more harmony, compassion and Love in education!

Initially, this will create more peace in the classroom and also a learning environment where students can thrive!

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