Join me in Sunya!

Hi there, my name is Linn Angell, I am a trained high-school teacher, wayshower for new earth and a homeschooling mother. I went through an individual and collective energy shift since 2012, and came to understand that for manifestation of our new earth to happen, we must first shift our vibration, then our actions! This is because new earth (and projects) needs a solid foundation in LOVE.


Sunya Ngo is recently created, and will work mainly with New Earth development & Projects, such as with 144 Education & Love in Education!


Project Love in education here.

The name Sunya came to me as I was called to create an organization that was "karma free"! According to Hindu scriptures, source is without attributes; since sunya has zero attributes, source is also referred to as sunya! In order to create in Sunya, you have to reach that presence, and the Wayshower program will support you to do that! In Sunya, we co-create in destiny.

More information about the Wayshower program here.

Sunya Ngo & Association is created for supporting people to manifest their new earth wisdom, either as independent instructors in Sunya Association, or for Sunya Ngo, when the organization expands.

Participate in online courses here.

I am holding the vibration of the New Generation, which means that I can sence and see energy. I also believe that as part of human evolution, we must recognise this aspect of us as part of our human reality. I would not define myself as "spiritual" - I simply believe in LOVE! 

The One Love Gathering by Sunya, will be the first step towards manifestation. We have not yet created a gathering with Sunya. Feel free to get connected if you would be interested in attending! Mt Shasta is calling for me, maybe for you as well...?

Looking forward connecting with you! You can learn more about on my site.

With Love, Linn Angell

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