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Opportunities for sponsors/investors:

Sunya NGO wants to team up with organizations& educational institutions.
What Sunya NGO can do for you and the world: In agreement, your organization or education sponsors Sunya NGO with a donation. Then, Sunya creates a unique educational program, or a set of meditations specially designed for your organization/education. The program and/or meditations will go on the Sunya Tribe APP so everyone can benefit from it! Your sponsorship will give your organizations/education the benefit of receiving an individual program through the App, however, you will also sponsor the greater community as everyone can receive all programs and meditations in the Sunya Tribe App for free! Your organization will be listed in the APP + on web as a "Sponsor of Sunya Ngo".

Individuals & families.

What Sunya NGO can do for you and for the world: In agreement, Sunya NGO can create resources for you and your family. These resources can be a "Meditation Package", a "Sunya Course", or a "Sunya Program". Courses Sunya creates are from love and can sometimes include blueprints and workbooks as well. As an individual or family sponsor or investor, you will be listed as a "Goodwill Ambassador" or as "Goodwill Ambassadors" in the Sunya Tribe App + on web.

Check out the newest projects from Sunya!

You can also sponsor and participate in the projects by Sunya. Connect with Sunya for more information and for an executive summary for the 144 Movie.           

Connect for sponsorship & Investment

Connect with Sunya for investor - and sponsorship deals. You can connect here and/or book a Sunya Call.

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