Community in Love for our new earth

Co-create with Sunya!

The vision and intention for Sunya Association is to create a community that works in the frequency of oneness for New Earth, Ascension, Education, 144, and the New Generation!

How can we work as a team?
You may already have your professional business, or you may want to create changes in your life, and New Earth may be calling for you also! 

What's "in it" for you?
You will be guided to develop your practice into the New Light! Take what you know & awaken new wisdom as well, for new earth, 144 and the New Generation! Working for Sunya is working for the New Generation!

How can you contribute?

The Wayshower path in Sunya Academy gives you the opportunity to find new solutions that will bring your life's purpose forward in New Earth!

The beginning of it all is the ONE LOVE Gathering >

You can also participate in the online programs, and become an active member in Sunya! Support members will receive updates on Sunya's journey!


Become a member by joining the "ONE LOVE Gathering".

Phone: +47 97891927
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