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Sunya Economy
- Sustainable Economy

Sunya Economy is sustainable in the way that everyone can participate in the New Earth creation, by Giving & Receiving from Love! There will be a mutual exchange of services, wisdom, money, and practicing the Giving it forward philosophy when you give and receive in Sunya!


Giving & Receiving in Sunya

Everything in Sunya is Sustainable, so when you receive services, you can give back in any form mentioned above. This idea ensures that Sunya can give to those who needs it the most & others can support by giving what they can! It also means that we are reopening the gates for new earth abundance, so everyone can be part of the journey, as Sunya Ngo is an organization for all new earth co-creators!


Receive from Sunya
Sunya wants to go on a tour and host the "ONE LOVE Gathering" & Give it forward with wisdom for our new earth. The Wayshower prpgram will also be offered (on demand). That is the beginning of creating new education (144) and our new earth institutions.

Sunya is also now sponsoring the project Love in education!

Give to Sunya fund
Support Sunya Ngo by giving a donation, offer support, host events, or support in any other way! 
Thank you for supporting:)

Donate with Paypal or direct bank transferre (Norway):
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