Non-profit organization for our new earth

Sunya Ngo

The overall vision for Sunya Ngo is to co-create New Earth Ngo's & institutions, beginning with 144 Education & Sustainable communities, as well as developing projects frameworks for consultancy from Love!

Sunya will implement Sunya Economy in all services & programs! This means that you have an option on how to give back when you receive services from Sunya, such as with wisdom, service-exchange, money, or by Giving it forward! 

More information about Sustainable Economy Sunya fund here >

Sunya is a new organization, and the beginning of co-creation will be the Sunya Gathering where co-creators can connect with destiny! As a professional, you may want to take the next step on your journey towards our new earth, by joining the ONE LOVE GATHERING by Sunya.

Development of New Earth Ngo's & Projects

Earth depends on people to create organizations where the foundation is Love. The organizational structure of Ngo's will make sure that people will work for a greater cause than themselves, and find solutions in a team where the shared intention is Love!


144 Education is the Blueprint of education for the New Generation, and will give space to the New Generation for their wisdom to unfold! The development of Ngo's for 144 is neccessary world wide, as the first step for New Earth manifestation.

Learn more about 144 Education here >

333 Sustainable Living from Love, is the overall inspiration for co-creating Sustainable communities close to 144 education. This will create a paradigm shift in how we live in deep connection with earth, and educate our children in a soulful way.


The project "Love in education" is created as the first step in Sunya, for finding inspiration & solutions for a shift into Love in the most important institution in todays society -education!

Consultancy from Love!

Available for organizations, education & business!


Intuitive Consultancy will guide you towards the 3 most important keys for Love (in any organization/ business / educational environment); Individual Intuitive Meditation practice, energy training & Individual guidance.

More about the 3 keys for LOVE

  1. Intuitive Meditation

    Do you believe that intuition is the most powerful tool that we have to navigate both our life's and our professional career? And that an individual meditation practice will be suitable for your school/ organization?Developing unique tools for your organization, based on intuition, will bring harmonious relationships and progrss from Love! 

  2. Energy training
    Find tools and inspiration for energy training that will shift the vibration in your educational institution into love!


  3. Individual guidance
    Intuitive Individual guidance will look in-depth into the vision of your organization. Do you need a deeper insight into where you are heading as an organization, and how to get there? Intuitive guidance can support with a higher consciouss perspective on the overall vision of your institution/education, and support with  personal relationships as well.


If you think that Ituitive Consultancy can benefit your school/instituion/organization, contact Linn!

Phone: +47 97891927
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