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Sunya Foundation is registered as a non-profit/non-governmental organization & Association that is supporting projects for the New Generation & the development of institutions for the FREE World!


Sunya is co-creating within a Giving it forward - Sustainable Economy System, with a free exchange of wisdom, support, money, or with Giving it forward.

Sunya is funding the project "Freedom for the New Generation - Tour, Movie & Book. Thereafter, the Gathering & training programs for co-creators that will be part of manifesting the Free world institutions, beginning with 144 Education and the 333 Sustainable Villages.


144 Education

A new model of education & pedagogy for the New Generation!

The Educational model of 144 is the forst step & the building foundation for the Free World.

Learn about 144 here >

The vision of 144 Education is described in the book: "144 The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation. Heaven on Earth".

333 Sustainable Villages

Sustainable Living from Love!

A new foundation for co-creating Sustainable Communities from Love!

These communities will be created, firstly around the 144 Educational centers, and they represent a new way of living in harmony with Earth.

Learn more about the overall vision on the book: "333 Sustainable Living from Love".


Contributing to Sunya makes you a co-creator of LOVE! Making you an active participant of the manifestation of the Free World movement, helping to clear away the path away from control systems on Earth.

Sunya is open for those passionate about the cause, who wantt to invest in or sponsor the Free World.  

Be of service

Host book events, gatherings, or interviews. Be part of internships & bring your wisdom in Sunya.


Support Sunya NGO.

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Would you like to GIVE to Sunya in any other way?

How can you be part of creating a shift into Love on Earth? Supporting the New Generation?  How can you support the Tour & Linn, to make sure that Sunya manifests in 2020?

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Support the project in any way & become a patreon! Serious investors and sponsors are also welcome!

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