Sunya NGO - The Vision

Sunya NGO was established already in 2016 but brought to life in 2022 by Linn Angell. The Soul visions and channelings by Linn Angell ("The new world series") are the foundation of the organization. Sunya is founded with the vision of "SOUL & SCIENCE" and aims to bring scientific research in its teachings and soul visions. To begin with, Sunya will strive to create 144 Education, a new educational model for the New Generation. In addition, Sunya has created online platforms that will bring the Sunya Tribe community together in the awakening & creation of wisdom. 144 Education is now an app and available at

The vision of "a new world" by Sunya is to create new institutions, new entrepreneurship, and a new life for humanity based on the core principles of sunya, which is unity, respect, love, and oneness. In the unique soulful programs by Sunya, you will not "learn" so much as you may be used to in traditional teaching settings. You will however be guided towards awakening your power, wisdom, and the internal new energy structure of the Northern Star, the new light from the north.

The Northern Star is "The New Light" and lays the grounding foundation for all of Sunya's teachings, manuals, and sessions. The new light is something Linn Angell spent ten years integrating on an individual and collective level (2012-2022). Reaching the new light requires a complete energetic transformation away from "the old paradigm of spirituality", and the Sunya Entrepreneurship program is the first step for you to take, if you want to participate in the great internal shift into the new light, and the great external shift of manifesting new societies, a new world that are grounded in self-empowerment, and where everyone is their own guru. The Sunya Entrepreneurship program is available online in Sunya Tribe.

"Our Soul is Our Guru" is the core principle of Sunya's teachings, as it is teaching us that we are one, and in oneness we can live, co-create, and support one another in love and unity. As a Sunya Entrepreneur, you can participate further in one of Sunya's pathway trainings; 144 Teacher (the path of wisdom), Light Warrior (the path of the New Light), Coaching & Consultancy (the path of self-empowerment), and the path of the Twin Love (the path of your internal Temple of Love). As a Sunya entrepreneur, you can also continue the advisory path and be part of co-creating new institutions, such as sustainable communities and 144 education.

The New Earth Series (1-9) is currently reserved for Sunya advisory, however, several of the workbooks in Sunya Publishing includes excerpts from the blueprints.