The Ascension wehicle for the Lion Tribe became accessible for the divine union of the divine masculine and feminine, on 02.20.20.

"The Ascension wehicle that merges the Sisterhood of the Ascended Rose ("The Sisterhood of the White Light") and the Ascended Lion Tribe (" The Tribe of the White Lion"), is available now.

The Gathering & Workshop by the Sisterhood of the Ascended Rose, will excellarate the divine union of the two collectively; by merging the frequencies of the divine masculine and feminine in the human realm. The Ascension wehicle is the divine union of the Rose and the Lion, forming a new etheric aura for the two, all guarded by the Elohim".


The Teachings

Twin Soul Union


Meet your Twin Love!

Reconnect with Your divine feminine and masculine aspect for New Earth!

Even though this workshop is aimed for personal development an opening up internal space, we will also open up the individual field for manifesting a TWIN LOVE partner.

Includes 1 Twin Love Coaching session (before/ after the workshop) & Guided meditations and past life/karma clearing.

Booking on demand, by request. 1 day workshop available.

Twin Soul Union


The 5 keys For Omnipresent Love 

The program will crystallize and strenghten your auric field of the divine union of the feminine and masculine aspect of you. There will be a full integration of the ascension wehicle of the Ascended Lion Tribe and Ascended Sisterhood of the Rose, so you can live, attract and manifest a compassionate way of living in LOVE!

Activate the 5 Keys for Omnipresent Love; Self, Love, Ascended Love, I AM Love, Cosmic Love & Love of purpose.

Booking on demand, by request. Four 1 day workshops available.

Channeling the Sisterhood of the White Light &The Tribe of the White Lion

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